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Saturday, June 8, 2019


Yesterday, on my way to a doctor appointment, I went to Target, which normally would be fine, except I only went to Target because it's on the same road as my doctor, and in my brain, this means that I should be going to Target.  It took me until I parked to realize that um, I was not at my correct destination.

So basically, this means that either (1) I have way too much (or maybe not enough??) going on in my brain, or (2) I go to Target wayyyyy too much.

K, so yeah, probably both.  Regardless, after that...and doing a few other dumbass things like that...this week, I realized that in order to successfully train how I want/need to for my fall marathon, I need to make some changes.  Like right now, I admitted to my husband that I needed a day away from our children.  More like two days.  Or six?  I know, this makes me sound...and a horrible mom, but to my defense...and self-justification...Mike was away this week, the kids were BATSHIT crazy (enter Scary Mommy), I have bronchitis, and I fell behind on work.  Anywho, so here I am, sitting outside Whole Foods, where I'm therapeutically blogging and just bought a bottle of elderberry to boost my immunities.  ...okay, and a bottle of wine <-- impulse buy.  Anywho, point being, I asked for help, and I'm taking a break when I know I need it.  

Okay, so rewind... After Myrtle Beach, I recovered the best I ever have after a marathon.  I took one full week off, another week of just cross-training on four days (that is, if you can even count the recliner bike as cross-training?  I mean, I even drank a latte while doing it one day), then started back with a few four to six mile runs in weeks three and four.  I've built back to a steady 60 miles/week now, feeling strong, and will officially start my marathon cycle on July 15th, where I'll climb back to 80 miles/week.  If my chest decides to not be a butthead next week and I can get a few speed workouts in before July 4th, I may do a five-mile race, but other than that, my focus is solely on the Indy Marathon.

Okay, so now...what else will I be doing to give this race a full go... 
* Sleep...  Mike and I both desperately need it, so we need to make it a goal to be in bed by 10pm.
* Nutrition...  I.e. more veggies and fruit.  More protein.  Less empty calories, particularly my fru fru coffee drinks (I had a s'mores latte this morning with whipped cream on both the top and bottom that I promised myself would only be a one-time thang mmm soooo gooood) and wine (<-- unless I become a total bitch, then I'll reinstate this one).
* Willingness to be uncomfortable...  I've sometimes altered certain workouts to make them less ScArY out of either fear of failure or not trusting myself to stick to certain paces.  Can't do that.  Must appreciate their benefits, do them as prescribed, and not be a weeny.
* Patience & flexibility... Two weeks ago on my runs, I felt so strong; this suck fest.  I'm still getting in all my miles with the bronchitis (yeah yeah, doc said it was okay), but I'm keeping every day at recovery effort until it clears.  Therefore, I'm trying to be patient and flexible while not getting in the training as I'd like.  I seriously need to start practicing this in all aspects of life to in turn help my running.
* We're discussing some other stuff, like making my once-a-week rest day once every three weeks now (I'd do some light XT instead).  I think something like this can only happen if I enact some of the above first though.  Mike and I would also like to figure out how to get more time together by ourselves.  It should be easier than we're finding it, and we know it would make us both more energetic, happy, and productive.

So, there we have it.  Maybe I should go return this impulse-buy wine bottle!?  Just kidding.  Not happening.  I'm so determined to give this goal my best, yet I also need to stay grounded and enjoy life so that I can be happily present for my family, runners, and friends. 

Happy Running!