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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Game ON!

So, it is full steam ahead for marathon training.  My ear, nose, throat specialist gave me the a-okay to resume training, full-well knowing that another infection could happen at anytime.  I vowed to do anything and everything in my power to raise my immunities, including, but not limited to, washing my hands 826 times/day, drinking less wine, drinking more water, going to bed earlier, eating more fruit, and trying to touch as little as possible inside Logan's daycare.  Effective immediately, I started by celebrating with a bottle of red wine to work on that fruit intake...

It took me a solid week plus to feel like myself again.  The mega dose of antibiotics kicked my ass and gave me some other, uh, not-so-unusual-to-me issues related to that part of my body.  <-- TMI.  I really need to get better at putting those TMI warnings BEFORE my sentences, eh?  You're welcome.

Mm k, so, last week I was still able to get in 57 miles, which included a steamy, negative split 16-miler (8@7:08 average; 8@6:42 average).  In the final two miles, I started daydreaming about frozen yogurt with heath bar, oreo cookies, and whipped cream, and when this happens, I know I'm ready to stop running.  So, yeah, 'twas a good run, especially given that I was still on the antibitches, err, antibiotics, but I certainly felt it.

The goal for these next two weeks is to be solidly in the sixties, and of course, stay infection-free.   I was excited to do my first track workout this morning since, ummm, errr... yeah, it's been that long.  The goal was 6 x one mile at 110% of the average between Philly marathon pace and goal marathon pace (or roughly 6:07) with quarter mile jog recoveries.  I was all nerded out in excitement, even skipping the temptation of banana-pudding-nilla-wafer cake at Maxie B's bakery last night, where I had the Streakers finish their run.  

So yeah, after waking up today, the morning continued like this:

There was just no making this kid happy.  Not even a waffle slathered in yummy peanut butter could do the trick.  Not even me singing and dancing excitedly like a buffoon along with Curious George (okay, maybe that made it worse).  Not even a pumpkin spiced latte flavored m&m (sorry, Mike, but yes, I went there...).  I mean, who doesn't like pumpkin spiced latte flavored ANYTHING?!  Ugh.

Once mom-of-the-year (that's obviously me) dropped her son off at school, I regrouped, chugged some water, and started warming up until I realized it was already 80 degrees with nearly 100% humidity, and I didn't F*ING NEED A WARMUP!  Yes, I was jacked up.  Chill, sistah, chill.  

     Alrighty, here we go.  ...I made it to the Day School track.  Awesome... No trees.  No shade.  No clouds.  Well, shit.  Strip down to my zebra spandex and neon yellow bra.  I look deranged.  Whatever.  Mile One: This is easy.  I got this.  No problem.  6:01.  Mile Two:  Shit... Here come the elementary school kids for gym class.  STOP SPRINTING BETWEEN LANES AND CUTTING ME OFF, YOU LITTLE YOU-KNOW-WHATS!  Ohhhh... you're trying to compete with me now?!  You want a piece of this??  LET'S GO!  5:59.  Did I seriously just race a six-year old?!  MOM OF THE YEAR.  Mile Three:  Great, I'm sweating so bad that my damn ear phones won't even stay in.  Today is September, right?  When I lived in Connecticut, I swear it would have been, like, 50 degrees by now.  WTF!  6:02.  Mile Four:  Okayyyyy, enough of this boring, hot, black-top track thing.  Time for the road.  Wait, why the hell did I choose to run in the UPHILL direction?  Mmm, pumpkin spiced latte m&ms.  6:21.  Oops.  Focus, you dumbass zebra.  Mile Five:  Yay, downhill finish!  And today is $2.99 meat day at Fresh Market, so game is onna for chicken parma tonight!  What kind of wine do I want?  6:13.  Oops.  Stop SUCKING!  Mile Six:  Whatever, this workout was like sooooo yesterday.  Plus, I think I just melted.  Back to the track.  6:11.  

Average:  6:07.  NAILED IT!!!  Right.

After "cooling" down and seeing the temperature read "feels like 87", I treated myself to this:

No, not a cool bath, and no, not pizza, but a cool bath WITH pizza.  Try it sometime.  I feel freaking FANTASTIC right now!

So, onward we go!  I'm excited to bump to some longer long runs and run through Wilmington on our anniversary weekend coming up soon, but for right now, ima need to go hammer some pumpkin spiced latte m&ms, so yeah, buh-bye...


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