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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Decisions.  Yep, I have to make some.

Last week was a wonderful week.  I hit 60 miles for the first time ever in training (I probably would have hit this in college if my priorities were in check, but we don't need to go there...) and felt ON FIRE.  The week ended with a 16-miler with 3x 2-mile fartleks in the later stages of the run at ~6:20 pace (aimed for current, perceived half-marathon effort), followed by a bottle glass of wine that evening.  My mom came to visit for four days to help out with Logan while Mike was in California visiting a friend, and she had a blast bonding with Logan.  I have amazing friends that, as always, I had a fun time hanging out with.  Furthermore, I started coaching another Streaker session and have 110 runners on my roster, in addition to a bunch of other individual athletes, making this the largest number of athletes I've ever coached.  I'm so fortunate to love my job and to have so much awesome-sauce all around me.  Life is good!

Now, with that said, life is still good, but in the marathon course of life, there will always be uphills to climb, right?  We inevitably get over them, but it doesn't mean they don't piss you off when you didn't know they were going to be there.  Throughout last week, I developed yet another sore throat.  I knew it wasn't strep, but it kept getting worse, so I finally went to the doc, and it turns out I have another infection that is feared to turn into an abscess.   The doc gave me an aggressive antibiotic treatment, including a shot in my ass ("Drop your shorts, ma'am" ...Really?  The nurse was wayyyy nice, but I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't think about tooting in her face.  <--- okay, gross, sorry) and pills to start asap.  Hopefully the abscess will be prevented, but I'll know more on Friday when I go to a specialist.   The doc thinks I developed scarring from prior infections, and if I don't have my tonsils removed, it will keep happening every couple of months.  I can't live on antibiotics, so yeah, in the oh-so-adorable words of Logan...BUH-BYE tonsils...

So, here is where the decisions come into play.  The recovery from an adult tonsillectomy is apparently a bizznatch.  If I do it soon, there will be no November marathon (I mean, I probably could run it, but I'm not interested in just running...I want to RACE).  If I opt for the marathon before having surgery, I may be seeing more antibiotics, and the nurse may be seeing more of my ass, before then.  I could choose an earlier marathon, despite not having all the training in I want yet, or I could push the marathon out to early next year, but then that messes with other stuff Mike and I had planned.  ...and who knows, the specialist just might tell me, "Look, abnormal gross tonsil chick, you're doing this surgery now!", and I won't have any decisions to make.  So yeah, there's my uphill.  Can haz downhill now?  This certainly isn't the end of the world, as I realize I'm one helluva fortunate gal, but this is my blog, and I can haz pity party if I want to.  k, thanks. 

Mm k, enough.  Let's talk HAPPY shizz again!  My brother got married earlier this month, YAY!  I got drunk at his wedding and danced like a buffoon, YAY!  Mike and I get to take a weekend trip by ourselves next month to celebrate our ten year anniversary, YAY!  I have a blog to vent to when I cannot run, YAY!  I keep having a dream that I'm locked up in prison, YIKES!  <---seriously, what the f?!  No wonder my body is in distress.  No more Orange is the New Black for me...

All in all, I'll do whatever is necessary for my health, and in turn, the well-being and happiness of my son.  So, whether the marathon stays as is, gets pushed up or back, or gets pushed off to an even later date, I'll listen to the doc, and it will all be good.  ...I just might cry a little or spontaneously lash out at the grocery store clerk every now and then.



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