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Monday, March 19, 2018

Springing Ahead to April

I'm finding this blank page somewhat frustrating after not writing for a few months, so instead of staring at it any longer wondering where to start, I'm just gonna GO...

So during my Indy training, I had the beginning of what was plantar fasciitis ...the classic morning heel pain, but no discomfort while running.  After Indy, it started to flare while running, but nothing bad.  After a week off with the flu, my first run back was a three-miler, done in the snow while test running a no-bueno-for-me pair of sneakers that I now slam against a wall six times a day was given for free.  That's when shit suddenly got BAD.  From that day forward, a very specific spot on my heel started talking to me on every run.  Fast forward to now, and I have two possible diagnoses... a stress fracture of the calcaneus or a partial tear of the plantar fascia.  Regardless, I'm choosing to treat it as the worst case possible scenario to ensure full recovery, landing me in a boot for at least the next four weeks.  In the meantime, I can swim to maintain fitness (which I'm really enjoying actually!), but there isn't much else that keeps pressure off the area.  Fortunately, weekly ART therapy at EPC is helping my physical recovery, and weekly 750ml wine curls are aiding in my mental recovery...

When I think back to the summer & fall and my training before Indy, I remember having my shit fully together.  Okay, I don't know, maybe I didn't, but I know that right now, I feel like a burning-hot-all-over-the-place mess.  If you talk to me on Monday, I might tell you that I want a third baby, I'm going to stop working full-time, and that we're moving closer to family for help.  If you talk to me on Tuesday, I might tell you that wtf heck no I don't want another baby, and I can't wait for a week in wine country after I race the California International Marathon this fall.  On Wednesday, I might tell you a story about rummaging through my closet, feeling nostalgic over my old business attire, and thus prioritizing time to actually start marketing myself and my coaching more.  On Thursday, I'll probably feel reallllly mom-guilty about my thoughts on Tuesday and Wednesday, so you won't even be able to get a hold of me, because I'll be picking up my boys early from school/daycare to take them to the Science Center.  On Friday, just come and talk to me over wine, because, well, I know nothing.  CRAP!

...It's funny how not being able to run right now opens up more head space to focus on everything else, yet the reality is that I'm having a hard time focusing/prioritizing/balancing at all.  I've been very fortunate in my marathon career in regards to injuries, so I'm going on the positive here, knowing that I should be back at it by the end of April.  This gives me plenty of time to still target an OTQ this fall (I mean hey, if I can PR after taking 19 weeks off and gaining over 30 pounds, then this should be easy, right?! ;)), but above all, I'm looking forward to my CLARITY being restored.  So yeah, herein lies yet another perk of running ... it instills so much clarity and purpose and perspective in all aspects of life, not just running itself.

So come the end of April, I suppose I'll be looking at another blank page of sorts.  And while getting started again might at first be frustrating, at this point, I honestly just can't wait to GO.

Happy Swimming!  ;)

Who needs clarity when there's Doritos (definitely my kid)?  :)