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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lucky Marathon Number Seven

Now that marathon number six is in the books, it's time to plan for my next...lucky marathon number seven!  

Okay, this one will actually be of the running variety though, not the pregnancy variety.  Seriously, the bod needs a break, dudes.  As do my hormones.  As does Mike dealing with my hormones.  As does the wall that I threw a lamp at the other day for no reason.

Aaaaaand I am about to do my happy dance for the 6,924th time this week in 3, 2, 1... 

Okay, I wouldn't say I am in full-on training mode quite yet, but at six weeks post-preggo, I started hitting the roads again.  My first run was a mere three miles, and my second was four miles.  Surprisingly enough, after hearing many horror stories, the following did NOT happen:

*  My uterus fell out.
*  My knees crumbled and separated from the rest of my body.
*  (TMI Alert --->) I leaked foreign substances from every crevice of my body and had to hide in a tree.
*  My b00bs kept smacking me in the face, leaving me with two black eyes.

I am fortunate; on my first run back, I felt incredible.  I was like an excited, deranged dog having been let out of his cage for the first time all day.  Kind of like this:

Powerful, free, and fast!

Although, I full well realize I more likely looked like this:

Jiggly, neurotic, and slow!

Of course, it is important to progress gradually in both pace and distance when coming back from pregnancy.  With looser joints, split abs (yes, my ab muscles apparently split into two during the process), gait changes, and all the unknowns of how your body will respond, patience is key.  Otherwise, the risk of injury is magnified.  With that said, on my first run, I was pleased to be able to run comfortably at 7:50 pace after all my body has been through.  Fall marathon, here I come!

Logan was excited too.  He put on his favorite running shirt for mommy's first day back:

Happy comeback running, y'all!