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Wednesday, December 23, 2020


 Have you listened to the jingle farts song yet?  No?  Well, you should.  If you're sad, mad, stressed, whatever, stop what you're doing, and just laugh...

Yep, I'm reverting to immature childlike behavior.  I'd blame my own children, but I'm the one that found it and showed it to them.  Anytime they start whining, crying, saying mean things, etc., I play jingle farts, and poof!! (<-- get it?), they laugh and smile too.  

Y'all, I think for the first time ever, I have Christmas ready to go two days early.  Cards, gifts, wrapping, food...donezo.  Our house has looked like a mini version of the Griswold's house since November 2nd, and I periodically dress like a deranged Santa or Elf to spark some joy.  I feel like I'm forcing everything this year because this is what I, and probably we all, need right now... more laughter, smiles, and joy.

So, today is day seven of no running for me.  Yep, DAY SEVEN.  I'm not injured, I'm not sick, but I just needed a reset.  I decided to give myself grace in scheduling, well, everything, because there is no sense of routine right now in any aspect of life.  And I'm pretty sure we're all toddlers at heart... we all need consistency and routine, or we sjghriLu4y8&.  The unpredictability of schools and work and everything in-between definitely makes training harder, so rather than feel anxious over missing important runs or trying to scramble to get something in within limited time, I decided to step back.  Add to that five weeks of bronchitis, tight hamstrings & calves, and no goals that are really firing me up right now, and there ya have it...time to physically and mentally reset.

My plan is to start running again this weekend, but if my heart and mind aren't quite there yet, it can wait.  That's the beauty in will always be there for you.  And I'm fortunate to love running for just running without needing to compete.  If I'm being totally honest though, I'm a little sad at what the rumor mill is currently spinning...that the 2024 Olympic Trials marathon standard will become ~2:38.  And hey, I'm all about dreaming big and positive thinking, but I'm also a realist, and yeahhh, that sh*t ain't happening for me...

When you feel like you were at the point of reaching your max but didn't, it's hard to find another goal that feels worthy of your motivation and hard work again.  If the USATF dropped the standard to, sayyy, 2:44, or maybe even 2:43, I'd go for it again, but 2:38...yikes no.  Not to digress, but I hope the USATF will reconsider this drop.  I've spoken to a lot of other OTQ hopefuls that feel the same in that it will hurt the sport.  It would cut about 80% of the field from 2020, and interest in the sport may therefore considerably dwindle.  

So, anywho, I need a little time to figure out what will light my fire, but I think I'll actually have that time this winter/spring.  This past fall, I coached all of Fleet Feet Greensboro and High Point's training programs virtually, and while we successfully concluded each program, I felt they were nowhere near the experience our runners deserve.  You can't beat the in-person experience for group training, and since we still cannot be in person this winter/spring, and add to that the fact that I have no idea if my kids' schools will continue to be in-person, hybrid, or with Mrs. Mommy, we decided to put our training programs on hold until April, when we hope to be back in person.  So, during this time, I hope to discover new individual running goals, bring our training programs back with some fresh ideas, and continue to explore the possibility of going back to school part-time for a master's degree in counseling or social work (what?  yep.  something else that has been peaking my interest for a while now).

Oh!  That digression thing.  So this is fun.  I have a new pen pal!  Like, a real one.  Hand-written letters and all.  The last time I had one was in third grade.  Her name was Kirsten Voigt, and she was from Germany.  Okay, so yeah...this time, her name is Olivia, and she only lives two miles away.  Long story short, I lost my wallet at the post office last week, I cried in my car for 24 minutes about how stupid I am, I received a certified letter later that day from someone that found my wallet, Mike and I then convinced ourselves that it was a set up and we'd be robbed and/or murdered when we went to their house, but when we arrived, it was Olivia (she is 81)!  She kept my wallet safe, and I went back the next day again to say thank you.  We've now been sending each other hand-written letters this week, and she also asked for help finding a new phone book, so I'll probably see her again tomorrow too.  If you know me, you know I'm super old school (i.e. no GPS watch, and omg, SHE HAD ME AT PHONE BOOK), so I love getting and sending snail mail.  I wonder what she'll think of jingle farts?!  

Anywho, this was a good reminder that while we all may be sifting through tons of garbage right now, we're always bound to find a little treasure in it!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. I feel the same way about the 2:38 possibility. It's weird to chase a goal for so long and be so close, then be unable to chase it.